National Post Runs Transphobic Full Page Ad

Yesterday, on Wednesday, September 28th 2011, the National Post featured a full page ad showing a little girl looking sadly at the camera with a caption stating “Please! Don’t confuse me! I am a girl! Don’t make me question if I am a boy, transgender, transsexual, inter-sexed, or two-spirited!” The horrifically transphobic ad went on to claim that transgender awareness should be removed from the school environment for fear of “corrupting” children, and challenged politicians to take a stand against teaching kids about equality.

The ad was placed by Institute for Canadian Values, who, according to their website is a “national think-tank dedicated to advancing knowledge of public policy issues from Judeo-Christian intellectual and moral perspectives, as well as awareness of how such perspectives contribute to a modern, free, and democratic society.” In other words, Canada’s very own version of Focus on the Family and other hate-mongering Christian Right groups in the United States.

To write an email to the editor-in-chief of the National Post, simply follow this link:

Here is the email address of the Executive Director of the Institute for Canadian Values:
Ekron Malcom
Executive Director

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