Pariah Personals: Coming-Out Stories by Minority and Immigrant LGBT Youth.

Inspired by the recently released film “Pariah,” Salon teamed up with New America Media to run a series of coming out stories by minority and immigrant LGBT youth.

Pariah Personals features stories by Jamilah King, a writer and editor at; 17-year old Andres Garcia, a senior at Arvin High School; 21-year-old Raul Rodriguez, a senior at UC Berkeley; Jean Melesaine, an artist/organizer with One Love Oceania, a Queer Pacific Islander Art/Activist Collective; and Prumsodun Ok, a Cambodianartist, teacher, curator, writer and organizer of VoiceWaves, a youth-led journalism project of New America Media.

Here’s a link to the collection of stories. We HIGHLY recommend the read!