A new poll from the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life has confirmed what we have thought to be true for a while: support for marriage equality is going up nearly across the board.

The poll shows jumps in support from Democrats, Republicans and Independents. Republicans remain the group most opposed to marriage equality, though African-Americans did not show promising levels of support either. A surprisingly high percent of Hispanic Catholics also reported support for same-sex marriage.

“There has been a rise in support for gay marriage across many demographic groups, even those who have traditionally been the most opposed,” according to Pew. “A large portion of the growth in acceptance of gay marriage over the past two decades is the result of generational replacement — the arrival of younger, more supportive generations making up a larger share of the population. But the pace of change in support for gay marriage has increased in recent years across generational lines.”

– Camille Beredjick