Tegan And Sara / The Yellow Bird Project / Fundraising For LGBTQ Youth

revel and riot, tegan and sara tshirt

Tegan and Sara has teamed up with The Yellow Bird Project, a Montreal-based non-profit ¬†that works with indie rock musicians to create unique t-shirt designs, the sale of which gets donated in full to the charity or cause of the band’s choice. EE Storey (aka Storey Elementary) co-founder of Revel & Riot and art director for Tegan and Sara, designed the new t-shirt, which features twin skulls, prisms and rainbows.

Tegan and Sara, who are outspoken advocates for LGBTQ rights and equality chose FIERCE! NYC, an incredible membership-based organization in NYC working to build the leadership and power of LGBTQ youth of color. Check out their site for more information about their amazing programming, campaigns and mandate: FIERCE! NYC. We here at Revel & Riot love and admire FIERCE! and we encourage you buy this great t-shirt Рor donate directly to FIERCE! and support LGBTQ youth.