Ghana’s West Region Minister: Arrest All Gays

Ghana’s Western Region Minister, Paul Evans Aidoo has ordered the immediate arrest of all known gay people in the Ghana’s west.

He has ordered Ghana’s Bureau of National Investigations and security forces to collect all the known gay people and has asked citizens to inform on people they suspect of being gay or lesbian.

“All efforts are being made to get rid of these people in the society,” he said.

This action is the summation of months of campaigning by the Christian Council of Ghana. Christians and Muslims in Ghana have been in uproar since a local news station reported that there were 8000 gay people in the area in the nation’s west.

When discussing the question as to whether there has been any influence from right-wing US evangelicals, Ghanaian reporter Samuel K. Obour said: “Some have called for the implementation of tougher laws such as the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which many hope will lead to an eradication of the practice. Though the Government of Ghana is to yet officially respond to the numerous calls for action, several high profile individuals, some close to the corridors of power, have been vocal and unrelenting in their calls for immediate action.”

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