LGBTQ gifts for a cause

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer pride t-shirts

GAY GIFTS! LEZZIE PREZZIES! TRANSGENDER TREASURES! BI BAUBLES! 15% off nov 23- dec 9!! Do your shopping at the queerest store on the internet!! We are an LGBTQ-run, non-profit organization entirely funded by the sale of our tees. So when you buy a Revel & Riot t-shirt, it’s essentially a donation! When you wear the tee, you’re fulfilling our mission to promote equality, visibility, pride and justice. We believe in the power of this little article of clothing to spread a message. The t-shirt is accessible, it is personal, it is interpreted differently than other mediums because there is real a person inside of it. The t-shirt is also culturally important to LGBTQs because is can be an instant identifier. A t-shirt can break down isolation, promote conversation and solidarity. And there’s nothin’ better than that at any time of the year, really…

So check out our big LGBTQ t-shirt collection, we’ve restocked gay pride classics and have some new items for you, including the new Stonewall t-shirt – (you’ve got to check out the story behind this one) and the LGBQIA pyramid, a t-shirt about solidarity in our community and fighting for transgender equality & liberation. We also have LGBTQ kids t-shirts for the first time!


Do Something Stonewall t-shirt