Revel & Riot is an LGBTQ-run non-profit. We use the t-shirt as a canvas to promote LGBTQ equality, pride, visibility and justice.

100% of proceeds go to fighting for LGBTQ equality, pride, visibility and justice. We are 100% funded by the sale of our t-shirts.

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Stonewall: 50 years of fighting back

In the early hours of June 28, 1969, there was a raid on The Stonewall Inn in NYC. Fed up with police violence and incessant persecution, people inside the illegal gay bar refused to show their IDs or identify their gender. Those who evaded arrest began gathering outside the bar. Soon a crowd had formed, people shouted “gay power!” and sang “We Shall Overcome.” Pennies and beer bottles were thrown at the cop cars. Butch lesbian woman of color Stormé DeLarverie fought back, complained that her handcuffs were too tight and was beaten in the head with a billy club. Bleeding, she shouted to her fellow gays: “do something!” The explosion of protest that followed forever changed the LGBTQ community – the Stonewall Uprising was the start of the modern day gay rights movement.

A portion of the proceeds of the sale of the “Do Something” shirt will go to organizations fighting for the rights and well-being of LGBTQ elders.

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It’s all fun and gay ’til someone loses their rights” is about the precarious state of LGBTQ civil rights in the USA and other so-called democratic societies. Rights we fought for can be taken away by bigoted politicians, political games, and the ignorance of general public – and it is happening NOW. We cannot take equality for granted.

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Closet Pinata LGBTQ coming out party

October 11, 2018


Friends we need your help! We are fundraising so that we can continue to fight for our community and promote LGBTQ+ equality, pride, visibility and justice! Montreal-based, party sculpture genius Weird Piñata has created for the perfect piñata for National Coming Out Day – it’s a CLOSET!! Smash your way out of the oppression of secrecy and isolation, or destroy the expectations that you must “come out.” The raffle runs until October 25, 2018!  CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT REVEL & RIOT AND WIN THE PINATA!

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