60% of Americans Under 50 Support Marriage Equality

According to a CNN Research poll released today, 51% of Americans overall approve of legalizing same-sex marriage. According to this poll, 60% of Americans under age 50 support marriage equality. 57% of women favor marriage equality, while 54% of men oppose it.

The CNN poll was hot on the heels of a similar Washington Post/ABC News poll, which concluded that 53% of Americans would like to have same-sex couples be allowed to marry. The majority support marks a nearly 20% increase from just five years ago in the same poll, when 36% supported marriage equality.

That increase in numbers is always nice to see, especially in such a relatively short time. That said, we are always reminded by these polls, that the media (and people in general) think its completely fine and not at all horrifying that they want to take polls on whether or not human beings should be treated equally and be granted the same rights as everyone else.