facebook gay marriage icons

Love it or hate it, Facebook’s Timeline feature is meant to “tell your life story” through noteworthy events, pictures and other moments preserved online. Now, married same-sex couples can see their lives reflected a bit more accurately when they scroll through their Facebook pages.

This weekend, Facebook’s Timeline started using new icons to indicate married same-sex couples. Two gay-inclusive icons have joined the classic tiny blue bride and groom meant to illustrate a wedding; one shows two brides and one shows two grooms. The icon shows up above the Timeline event listed as a person’s wedding day.

This isn’t Facebook’s first time acknowledging same-sex relationships on individual profiles. Last year, Facebook added “In a Civil Union” and “In a Domestic Partnership” as possible relationship statuses. The social network has also made a name for itself as an LGBT-inclusive company, working with GLAAD and other LGBT organizations to prevent anti-LGBT bullying.

The new icon comes at a perfect time for Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, who married his partner Sean Eldridge in New York on Saturday.

-Camille Beredjick