Original Revel and Riot Paintings On Sale Now

tegan and sara revel and riot paintings

This past summer, Revel and Riot (along with friends Tegan and Sara) set upon the beautiful city of San Francisco to partake in the annual Pride Festivities. We had a packed-house Pre-Pride Party before the big weekend got started, and at that party we had on display some amazing paintings that represent our favorite Revel and Riot images. Now, we finally have these paintings available for sale on revelandriot.com! They are extra large paintings on 3 ft x 4 ft wooden panels, with vibrantly colored acrylic paint that makes them look as if they’re popping right of the wall.  The Revel & Riot art department will now be making foam hand paintings in custom colors, and is available to do custom designs on canvas or wood. Check out the art section of our store for more details.

revel and riot LGBT paintings