Photographer Sonalle has worked with many photographers in New York and Paris on developing several photographic projects in a number of cities around the world. Nominated as a “Budding Entrepreneur” in 2009 by Future 100, Sonalle has been awarded a Grant for the Arts by Arts Council England, a Millennium Award by UnLtd (The Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs) and multiple Wandsworth Arts Grants. Her most recent exhibit, titled Ethnic Minorities Coming out, deals with black and minority ethnic members of the gay community and their experiences of coming out. Her photographs will be on exhibition at various venues until February 2011.

1st Edition

7th March 2011 – 7th April 2011 Islington Museum, London
14th December 2010 – 7th March 2011 Hackney Museum, London
1st October 2010 – 4th October 2010 Gallery C, Croyden Clock Tower, London
16th July 2010 – 30th September 2010 Conway Hall, London
25th June 2010 – 16th July 2010 City Hall, London
12th May 2010 – 20th June 2010 Harrow Arts Centre, London
7th April 2010 – 12th May 2010 Brixton Library, London
29th January 2010 – 7th April 2010 South Lambeth Library, London
14th December 2009 – 29th January 2010 Stratford Library, London
16th October 2009 – 14th December 2009 Housmans Bookshop, London
6th September 2009 – 4th October 2009 Rich Mix, London
9th August 2009 – 6th September 2009 First Out Cafe, London

2nd Edition
15th May 2010 – 15th May 2010 Shades of Grey Diversity, Hereford
1st March 2010 – 8th March 2010 Oval House Theatre, London
1st February 2010 – 1st March 2010 Battersea Library, London
22nd October 2009 – 25th October 2009 This Is Not A Gateway, London
15th August 2009 – 15th August 2009 Black Pride @ Regents Park, London

Selected Images
10th February 2010 – 1st April 2010 St Pancras Conference Centre Gallery, London
1st February 2010 – 21st June 2010 Cavell Centre Gallery, Peterborough