Rachel Maddow Interviews David Bahati

Last night, Rachel Maddow interviewed David Bahati, creator of the bill in the Ugandan Parliament that calls for gay people to face life imprisonment or execution if they are convicted of having engaged in homosexual acts.

Maddow started the Bahati portion of her show by revealing that Bahati is a member of The Family, the religious organization that carries substantial power in Washington. During the interview, Bahati said he has a “passion for children” and wanted to protect them from homosexuality. He said that, while he understood that many in the United States might see being gay as a human right, “we don’t believe it’s a human right in Uganda.”

When asked how gays living openly in Uganda harmed children, Bahati said “It hurts my family when my child goes to school and is converted into gay, when the purpose of procreation is undermined.”

He eventually acknowledged that, in his view, the “appropriate punishment” for violating God’s law is death.