Closet Pinata LGBTQ coming out party

Friends we need your help! We are fundraising so that we can continue to fight for our community and promote LGBTQ+ equality, pride, visibility and justice! For 8 years we have made t-shirts with a message, and as a non-profit org, our objective has been to use the sale of the shirts to fund operations and donations to other LGBTQ+ orgs. We do not solicit donations or grants for ourselves, so we’re hoping that you will support us in one of our very first fundraisers!

Montreal-based, party sculpture genius Weird Piñata has created the perfect piñata for National Coming Out Day – it’s a CLOSET!! Smash your way out of the oppression of secrecy and isolation, or destroy the expectations that you must “come out” – either way, it’s a hilarious and cathartic way to celebrate “coming out.” The piñata itself is handmade and beautifully detailed with bifold doors, clothes on tiny hangers, boxes, bags and other closet stuff! The piñata will be full of Revel & Riot gear and other surprises – the total prize is worth over $400.

The raffle will be running from today, October 11, 2018 until October 25, 2018. it’s a minimum of $10 to enter and if you check out the fundraiser page you’ll see lots of options for special ticket deals.

Thank you so much for your support.