Uganda Magazine Names 100 Gays and Tells Readers to “Hang Them”

A popular magazine in Uganda has named 100 people that they think are gay. The paper ran the article on the front page, titled “100 Pictures of Uganda’s Top Homos Leak,” along with a banner across the image that says “hang them.” In the article, they showed pictures of the people, and posted their home addresses.

According to authorities, at least four men named have been attacked. The rest of the people on the list have gone into hiding. The article in the magazine claims that a mysterious killer disease was attacking all homosexuals, and that gays were recruiting children by raiding primary schools.

How has the government responded? By stopping the magazine from printing any more copies; but not because this hateful rag is telling people to straight out murder gay people. The government says that the magazine has not been properly registered, but once they register – they can restart the printers.