American Apparel Supports LGBTQ Activism On Campus

the legalize gay shirt for the HRC - all proceeds go to the HRC!

In September at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, a female student was punched in the face and called a homophobic slur by two men because she was wearing an American Apparel ‘Legalize Gay: repeal prop 8″ shirt. American Apparel sent IMPACT, the University’s LGBTQ organization, 500 shirts which were reportedly snatched up by LGBT supporters within a couple of hours. American Apparel also took out a full page ad in the student newspaper condemning the attack. [source]
When we chose to use American Apparel for our own shirts, it was for a couple of  reasons Рthey are sweatshop-free, location helped us have a reduced carbon footprint  (they have a factory here in Montreal, so we only have to ship the shirts direct to you) and because they are supporters of LGBTQ equality.