Newsweek Lists The Most Gay Friendly Schools

Revel & Riot is happily reprinting this list of the top gay-friendly schools from Newsweek, which has a comprehensive guide to which schools are safest for gay and lesbian students.

1. University of Pennsylvania
2. University of California-Berkeley
3. Oberlin College
4. New York University
5. The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
6. American University
7. Pennsylvania State University
8. The University of Massachusetts-Amherst
9. Indiana University-Bloomington
10. Princeton University
11. Stanford University
12. Columbia University
13. Pomona College
14. Brown University
15. University of California-Santa Cruz
16. Swarthmore College
17. Duke University
18. Rice University
19. Harvey Mudd College
20. Cornell University
21. Tufts University
22. Northwestern University
23. University of Southern California
24. Georgetown University
25. University of Chicago

Is your school listed? How can you make sure your school is on the next list?