Noah Hornik’s It Gets Indie Benefit Concert

Noah Hornik is an 8th grader at The Nueva School. He curates an indie rock page for MySpace and writes a blog titled “Indie Rock Kid.”

In his own words:

“I care deeply about equality and gay rights. After the passage of Proposition 8, I committed myself to supporting my gay friends. This fall I co-founded the Gay-Straight Alliance at my school.

I attended a number of vigils when Proposition 8 passed. At these protests, I got to see the light in people’s eyes and the sorrow in their hearts as they stood up for what they believed in. That experience made me realize how important it is to have the moral courage to support those who constantly have hatred thrown upon them, and rights taken away from them, simply for who they are. It made me realize that I needed to take a stand.

In September of this past year 15 year-old Billy Lucas hung himself because he bullied for being gay. Around that time there were also many other reported suicides by LGBT youth only a few years older than I. This devastated me, and once again reminded me how important it is to take a stand.


It Gets Indie will be a concert benefiting The Trevor Project and It Gets Better. The concert will bring together some great indie bands to help end suicides among LGBT teens. For the concert I am going to rent out one of SF’s prominent rock venues such as the Great American Music Hall or Slim’s.

The money raised through this Kickstarter project will go directly to funding the production of the concert. From funding the venue to paying for sound equipment and engineers, every dollar you give will make It Gets Indie possible.”

CLICK HERE to donate to Noah’s incredible project! What an amazing young man!